How to Overcome Vaginal Discomfort in Sex

Sex is an enjoyable activity at an emotional level but the moment it involves a measure of pain, it becomes bothersome. Women are the category of people who often complain of an experience of painful sex in their relationships. Here are tips on how to overcome vaginal discomfort during sex.

First and foremost, it is not all women who experience vagina pain; only a few of them often have this health condition which is termed as dyspareunia. It is a sexual dysfunction in women.
Painful sex is often attributed to one or more of the following reasons.

• Fear and anxiety. Some women are yet to recover from the experience of the pain they had when they first had sex. The fear of having vaginal discomfort during sexual intercourse lingers on for years after honeymoon.

• Infection of the vagina. If there is any inflammation or infection in the female reproductive organ, sex will become painful.

• Any injury in the vulva area can lead to orgasmic dysfunction. An injury gives rise to vulva pain.

• Painful intercourse could also be as a result of certain allergic reactions to the side effects of drugs or medications.

• If the penis is too large and deep thrusting is done, there will be pain as the cervix is impinged repeatedly. This leads to cervix pain during sex.

• There is a kind of circumcision called infibulations which involves stitching up part of the genitalia, thereby narrowing the vagina opening. For this cause, sex may be painful, especially if a large penis is being engaged.

• Another cause of vaginal discomfort is from the man. If a woman reaches orgasm while the man’s ejaculation is retarded for a long time, sex will eventually become painful since lubrication will have reduced after the woman goes back to resolution phase, except she is stimulated again in the process.

Should I Use a Lubricant During Intercourse?

Some men are not patient to do this! This situation of retarded ejaculation often arises when men use drugs including hard drugs such as cocaine.

• When women reach menopause, they will often experience painful sexual intercourse since hormonal secretion will have become greatly insufficient for vagina lubrication which is supposed to help in attaining sexual pleasure. This therefore brings about vaginal discomfort.

In order to overcome pain in vagina during sex, you should take the following steps.

• First deal with the psychological causes as well as those related to infections of the reproductive organ.
• Do not allow deep thrusting for a penis that is too large so as to protect yourself from cervix pain.
• Tell your husband to stop the in-take of hard drugs.
• Stop the in-take of drugs or medications to which you are allergic.
• Adopt hormone therapy if you have reached menopause.
• As the case may be, let your husband apply a lubricant to his penis. He may use jelly oil so as to ensure ease of penetration and smooth thrusting.

With proper measure, vaginal discomfort can be largely reduced to give way to pleasurable sex with your husband.