Review of Anoretix Pills – Could this be a scam?

Anoretix as a diet supplement is made of 100% natural products and according to the manufacturer it is very efficient as a weight loss aid. It is caffeine free and suppresses appetite. It renders fantastic result due to nine natural weight loss ingredients.

According to the manufacturer many customers taking this product are experiencing on average 2 pound weight reduction per day. This result is due to a combination of a well balanced diet and an excersize regime with Anoretix.

More than 99% of customers are satisfied. For those who are not satisfied, the manufacturer offers a 90 days money back guarantee. Anoretix can be obtained online from the website at a price of $49.99 for a 30 day supply. Get 2019 best diet pills at discount!

Can this be one of those many diet scams?

Anoretix ingredients are meant for aiding weight loss.  Being caffeine free only satisfies people who do not like or are allergic to caffeine. Many diet supplements claim in their website that results can be noticed after 15 days of use, yet, testimonials for Anoretix deduct that it is possible to lose more than one pound a day with some customers claiming having lost 2 pound per day.

Losing 2 pounds per day equals to 30 pounds in 15 days which is quite a lot of pounds to lose. Like many other website the manufacturer claims that the ingredients have been patented and that it has been scientifically proven yet, there is no copy of official documents to back those claims.

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It is hard to prove that Anoretix is a scam because many other diet supplement website have the same structure and offers almost the same conditions and have been proven that they are not a scam. There is nothing at the same time to suggest that it is not a scam.

Are the ingredients in Anoretix effective?

There is no doubt that the ingredients used for the making of anoretix are efficient; many are general ingredients found in a variety of diet supplements; some seem to be exclusive to anoretix like neopuntia and advantra z. They all have fat burning properties.

The manufacturer claims that there are no side effects when taking the pills and warns customers to reduce the dosage if they notice that they are losing more than one pound per day.

If anoretix is that powerful, there would be some side effects for sure. Some studies have shown that some ingredients can cause adverse reaction. Chromium in particular can increase the heart rate; other symptoms can be skin hives or tightness in the throat.


Anoretix has all the ingredients in order to be an effective diet supplement. The price is adequate and average. There is a 90 days guarantee but the manufacturer falls short of making the case why anoretix is any different from other diet supplements.

In a general point of view, I would not recommend this supplement. The only concern being inadequate details provided on anoretix website in order to decide that it is genuine.